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Laser vs Osseous Surgery in New Braunfels, TX

In the past, the primary reason for tooth loss in Americans was decay. With the implementation of better dental education and the fluoridation of drinking water, this dental disease is now significantly under control. Gum disease (or periodontal disease) has taken over this position and has become the number one reason that adults lose their teeth today. The treatment for gum disease has advanced as well, progressing from aggressive, surgical procedures to gentle, laser periodontal therapies that are more patient-friendly. Dr. Todd Smith and Dr. Michael Cole provide laser gum treatment in New Braunfels, TX.The Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is an advanced treatment for gum disease that uses a digital dental laser to remove necrotic gum tissue from periodontal pockets. Dr. Smith and Dr. Cole are LANAP® certified and can provide this laser gum treatment for you right in their dental office. It is much less invasive that traditional periodontal surgical practices and enables treatment to be more conservative. The outside, healthy tissue areas are left intact and do not require any incisions in order to gain access to the infected areas. A natural seal, or clot, is created by the laser once the infection and any hard deposits are removed, which generates an ideal healing environment.Traditional periodontal (gum) therapy, or surgery, also requires the administration of local anesthetic. A greater amount of anesthetic may be necessary in order to achieve full comfort during the procedure. A periodontist, or a gum specialist, makes an incision on the outside surfaces of the gums at the affected sites and pulls back, or “flaps” the tissue, to gain access to plaque and tartar deposits that are located in deep periodontal pockets. Once the root surfaces have been cleaned and any necrotic gum tissue curettaged, sutures will be placed to close the wound. A soothing and protective periodontal dressing will be applied to the areas that have been treated.Gum disease must be treated to avoid the negative effects that it can have on your oral and overall health. LANAP® is a patient-friendly, more conservative periodontal treatment compared with traditional periodontal surgery. If you are in need of treatment for gum disease and are seeking laser gum treatment in New Braunfels, TX, contact Dr. Smith and Dr. Cole today to schedule your consultation for the treatment of gum disease.

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