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Everyone wants the best smile possible, and it is no secret a bright white smile boosts your confidence. While you can find whitening products at your favorite store, none of them offer you the results that a professional whitening treatment can give you. We offer two options to help you achieve a bright white smile; Zoom! ™ Whitening and Opalescence Home Whitening Method. Both treatment options give you safe and quick whitening of even the most stained or discolored teeth.

Why Choose a Professional Whitening System?

If you visit your favorite store you will see several products which promise white teeth. Brightening toothpastes, products you paint onto your teeth, and over the counter whitening systems claim to be safe and effective. But the truth is some of them are so caustic they can erode your precious enamel, while others just can’t whiten your teeth as well as a professional treatment.
The main concern your doctor has is the erosion of your enamel. Tooth enamel is the thin layer of protection your teeth have from cavities and decay. Once this layer is damaged your teeth are susceptible to the bacteria which causes cavities and decay. Over the counter products may also cause painful sensitivity. Only a professional service can protect your teeth and give you noticeable results.

Zoom! ™ Whitening

With the Zoom! ™ Whitening procedure your teeth may be six to ten shades lighter after your first treatment. First you are made comfortable and relaxed. Next a special protective covering is placed to protect your gums and other soft tissues. A thick gel is then applied to the front surfaces of your teeth and an advanced LED light is directed at your teeth. The doctor will monitor your progress and remove and replace the gel every 15 minutes for a total of three times. A fourth treatment may be needed to achieve the results desired. Once the whitening treatment is complete a finishing gel, Relief ACP, is applied to your teeth to reduce any potential sensitivity.
You will receive custom fabricated whitening trays for at home use. These are made from dental impressions and custom fabricated for you. Your doctor or clinician will also give you instruction about using the at home trays, and their storage and cleaning.

Opalescence Home Whitening Method

We also offer the Opalescence Home Whitening Method. This method is done completely in the comfort of your own home, and on your time schedule. Custom whitening trays are custom fabricated after dental impressions are taken. When your trays return from the lab you will return and try them on so the doctor can make sure they fit correctly. You will be given the Opalescence whitening gel and specific instructions on how to use the system. The gel comes in a variety of strengths and results are usually achieved in five to seven days of consistent use.
Don’t suffer from a lackluster smile. Contact or call us today and ask about your teeth whitening options.