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Your dental health is directly related to your overall wellbeing. Studies show a link to a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Your dental health also has an impact on how you feel about yourself. If you have a bright white smile then you will have more confidence. At Smith and Cole Dentistry we recommend you visit one of our dentists every six months. This is an important step for not only healthy teeth and gums, but toward your overall health as well.

The Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Many people don’t realize the health of your mouth affects your entire body. According to the Mayo Clinic studies have shown a direct link between your overall health and the health of your mouth. Your mouth naturally contains bacteria. Good oral hygiene is important to keep the harmful bacteria at bay. Periodontal disease and tooth decay are painful enough, but they can also be contributing factors to serious conditions such as heart disease. If your health is compromised and you have a weak immune system, good oral hygiene and regular checkups are vital.

Cancer Screening

Oral cancer affects over 40,000 Americans each year. If caught early during a routine visit, the survival rate is very high. Oral cancer can affect the gums, tongue, soft palette, lips, cheek lining, and jaw. When you have regular dental visits, your doctor will perform routine cancer screening which can catch the symptoms of oral cancer before the disease progresses. If you have a sore that won’t heal, red or white patches inside our mouth, difficulty speaking or swallowing, or if your teeth shift be sure to ask your dentist about oral cancer screening  as these are all symptoms.

Healthy Smiles

Besides good at home oral hygiene the number one way to keep your smile bright and white is with regular visits to your dentist. At a checkup the doctor will examine your teeth and gums. X-rays may be taken and the doctor will discuss your overall health and medications with you. If any problems are found they can be addressed before they become painful and expensive to fix. For example, if you have a cavity starting to form the doctor will identify it and address it while it is in the early stages. If you wait the problem could progress to the need for a root canal or extraction.

Regular dental visits are also very important for children. Since their adult teeth are forming beneath their baby teeth, their oral health will affect the condition and strength of their adult teeth when they come in. Doctors recommend beginning regular dental checkups on your child as soon as their teeth start to erupt through their gums.

Don’t take chances with your health. Call or contact Smith and Cole Dentistry today and set up a schedule of regular visits. We want you to have the best smile possible, and with checkups every six months your smile will be bright and white.