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Many people put off coming in to see the dentist because of fear and anxiety. But today’s dental practices make coming into the office a pain free comfortable experience. Don’t put off seeing the dentist. Many times, small oral issues can be treated easily before they become expensive and painful. Here are some signs you need to make an appointment and see your dentist.
  1. You are in pain. Pain and swelling can mean many things. It is best to have your dentist exam you and determine what is causing your pain and treat it.
  2. Bleeding or puffy gums may be a sign of gingivitis. Gingivitis is a painful inflammation of the gums.
  3. You’ve had prior dental work. If you have had prior dental work, you need to keep up on your regular appointments to make sure everything is okay.
  4. You are having trouble eating. Difficulty eating or swallowing are not normal. Visit the dentist to determine the cause.
  5. You have a dry mouth. Dry mouth can be caused by medical conditions, certain medications, tobacco or alcohol abuse, and advanced age.
  6. If you use tobacco you need to be checked regularly for oral cancer. Oral cancer checkups are important if you smoke or chew tobacco.
  7. You have jaw pain. Jaw pain may be a symptom of temporomandibular disorder (TMJ). TMJ is a painful condition which affects the muscles that open and close the jaw.
  8. Your mouth has spots or sores which last longer than a week. Cold sores, canker sores, leukoplakia, and candidiasis are types of mouth sores and are caused by bacteria or fungus.
  9. You are pregnant. Pregnancy can make some dental issues worse.
  10. 10.It’s time for your regular checkup. You should visit Smith and Cole Dentistry every six months for a regular dental checkup. This lets him monitor your oral health and spot any changes.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms be sure to call or contact us today and make an appointment.